Every tour is different, and time, vehicles and the size of the party all affect the way things go. But there are two things that don’t change:

  • Kids are free and right from the start guests have the information they need to make decisions they’ll be happy with.
  • Our basic rate, $33 per hour plus mileage (at the government rate), never goes up.

In all cases, you decide time and costs. We will give you a description of the tour and all available options at the outset, and you choose what you want us to do. You will know where you stand before we start.

Often, the simplest and least expensive option is for the guide to ride in the guest’s vehicle. Caravan tours, in which the party travels in two or more vehicles, are also popular.

Consider these private tour options, and check out our “Places” page for other possibilities.

Jackson to McDowell – A driving tour over Stonewall Jackson’s route from Staunton to the mountain village of McDowell, where he won his first independent victory in 1862. The story is full of great personalities and route is all on historic roads with lot’s of local history packed in. About 2-3 hours. Begin and end in Staunton. Mountain scenery, country flavor, plenty of stops, very little walking. ASK US ABOUT THIS TOUR

Conquering the Valley – A driving tour of Stonewall Jackson’s twin victories at Cross Keys and Port Republic in June 1862. These two battles demonstrate Jackson’s superior use of topography and they serve as the stunning climax to Jackson’s famous Valley Campaign. About 2-3 hours. Begin and end in Staunton or Harrisonburg. Great valley scenery, frequent of stops, short walks.  ASK US ABOUT THIS TOUR

The Stonewall Escape Tour – A walking tour in Port Republic in which we follow the adventures of Stonewall Jackson as he is surprised by a Federal cavalry raid, narrowly escapes personal capture and hurriedly organizes a defense of his army’s headquarters. About 1-2 hours. Begin and end Port Republic. The 1.5-mile route is flat with frequent stops in a quaint historic village pleasingly situated on the banks of two rivers. ASK US ABOUT THIS TOUR.

McDowell Hike – A challenging hike and a true battlefield tour in the strictest sense. The 2-mile route includes a half-mile climb to the hill-top position occupied by the Confederates in the Battle of McDowell. There we examine the nature of the fight, the conduct of the troops and the leadership on both sides. About 2-4 hours. Begin and end in McDowell. For healthy, hill-climbin’ history lovers only. ASK US ABOUT THIS TOUR.

Decision at Tom’s Brook – A driving tour of the cavalry battlefield at Tom’s Brook, where George A. Custer put all of his best attributes on display. A wonderful study in leadership — good and bad — and one of the best places to understand the relationship between terrain and tactics for Civil War cavalry. About 1-3 hours. Begin and end in Tom’s Brook, Virginia. Several stops, short walks. ASK US ABOUT THIS TOUR.


Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and tailored our tour focusing on the unit my ancestor served in. I would highly recommend the guide.

Andy, Louisiana

The Tom’s Brook tour combined great storytelling by Bill Miller and beautiful scenery of the Shenandoah Valley. If you ever have a chance to go with Bill do not miss it!

Chris, Virginia