The Shenandoah Valley is Stonewall Jackson Country. Here Thomas J. Jackson made his home and his reputation, and knew well the region’s strategic importance. “If this Valley is lost,” he declared in the first year of the war, “Virginia is lost.”

In 2014, a new biography of Jackson soared into the top 10 on the New York Times Bestseller List. What is it about this awkward, small-town teacher-turned-military hero that is so compelling that even modern Americans still find him interesting more than 155 years after his death?

With our tours, we tell the story of Jackson in the Valley. Here a few chapters:

Jackson to McDowell – A driving tour over Stonewall Jackson’s route from Staunton to the mountain village of McDowell, where he won his first independent victory in 1862. The story is full of great personalities and route is all on historic roads with lots of local history packed in. About 2-3 hours. Begin and end in Staunton. Mountain scenery, country flavor, plenty of stops, very little walking. ASK US ABOUT THIS TOUR

McDowell Battlefield Tour – This one is a commitment. We hike to the hilltop battlefield at McDowell and walk along the battle lines to see how the intense terrain required almost superhuman efforts from attackers and defenders alike. This is a serious hike for serious history lovers, which makes it an unforgettable experience.ASK US ABOUT THIS TOUR

Conquering the Valley – A driving tour of Stonewall Jackson’s twin victories at Cross Keys and Port Republic in June 1862. These two battles demonstrate Jackson’s superior use of topography and they serve as the stunning climax to Jackson’s famous Valley Campaign. About 2-3 hours. Begin and end in Staunton or Harrisonburg. Great valley scenery, frequent of stops, short walks.  ASK US ABOUT THIS TOUR

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