Most of the tours we offer are free and open to the public. We do this because we believe “thinking historically” makes people’s lives better.

If you have have been on one of our tours and would like to support us, you can send a testimonial that will help us spread the word about our tours. The best advertisement for a tour is the opinion of a person who has taken it.

Testimonials come to us anonymously, but you can sign your comment with your name, or just your first name or something like “McDowell hiker” or some other handle.


We believe that people who feel their roots in the past look at the present and the future in a deeper, more informed and empathetic way. We think historical perspective allows people to live fuller, smarter and happier lives. So we lead historical tours.

Thank your for your comment and for helping us spread the word. We hope you’ll join us again out in the field.