Folks chasing family history often ask us if we can take them to where an ancestor fought. Our answer is always an enthusiastic “Yes, we can!”

It is very rewarding for us to lead people over a battlefield to a place where they can make a personal connection. To stand on the same field and to look upon the same hills and terrain is to share something with people from the past. We do our best to make that happen.

We know the battlefields and sometimes we know the landowners, and we can almost always take you pretty close to the where your ancestor stood.

Tell us about the soldier you are looking for, and we’ll get you closer to his history.

“Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and tailored our tour focusing on the unit my ancestor served in. I would highly recommend this guide.”

— Andy, Louisiana

“We found it extremely informative to see what we have read. Thank you so much for the information on our ancestor’s position; it made the tour personal.”

Ramona, Virignia